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News from 12 April 2003

Arrival in Pheriche, 4200 m

Meanwhile we arrived in Pheriche (4200m). Yesterday we had reached the famous lamasery of Tengpoche; this morning we left it again with a splendid view of Everest and Lhotse. Within 2 to 3 days we want to be in the base camp. Some members of our 15-person group had some problems with stomach infections and influenza. At this altitude with no fixed roof over our heads, such things are quite unpleasant...
But now we are all more or less doing fine again! The mountaineering team is in good shape and the motivation is excellent! We can hardly wait to finally reach the basecamp and install our high camps!!!

Our Yaks ascending to Tengpoche lamasery
Our Yaks ascending to Tengpoche lamasery

Eike Mrosek

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