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News from Tuesday, 29 April 2003

Rest days in the base camp - the weather forecast for the next days

The weather forecast by METEONEWS comes to the base camp daily. More info about Meteonews at: external linkwww.meteonews.ch

The team is in optimum condition. Currently strong snowfall forces our mountaineers to stay in base camp.

Time for playing card games, eating or get-togethers. For the bathing leisure, the temperature are unfortunately a little too low. In the base camp, temperature is currently -6°C. As soon as better weather will come, they will go up to camp 3 again for acclimatization. After that, the good weather window can come; everything is ready for a summit attempt. The current weather forecast by Meteonews from Switzerland already arrived in the base camp. It is great how reliable the forecast is. This is an important planning support for our team.

Excerpt from the weather forecast:

Humid air is dominating the Everest region. The air leads large amounts of water vapor to the mountain flanks, leading to partially strong snowfalls. From Thursday on, a relaxation of the situation will slowly set in. For next weekend, with reasonable agreement there are signs for drier air, which however is combined with freshening winds from west to northwest. Until then, in the course of the days cumulus clouds and some showers must be expected.

Temperatures for Wednesday, 30.04.03:
-6°C -12°C-15°C-19°C-22°C-26°C-32°C

(German original translated by the webmaster)

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