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News from Friday, 02 May 2003

Again in Camp 2 for further acclimatization

Since last night the team is in camp 2 again. They are planning to acclimatize in the altitude for four or five days before they can go for a first attempt for the summit. Three times a day there is radio contact with the base camp when they inform about the situation up on the mountain. Also Ngawang Thiele, Sirdar of the expedition, is in continuous contact with the team. This morning the mountaineers got a surprise from Nagtamba Sherpa, the base camp cook: In the morning at 3 am he had baked fresh bread and gave it to the Sherpas on the way to camp 2. The mountaineers will surely welcome this surprise with delight.

Yesterday, the desired portion of Swiss fondue cheese began its journey from Switzerland to the base camp, with many letters and greetings from home. The packet has a long trip ahead - first to Germany, to Astrid, the daughter of Peter Becker, our expeditions and base camp doctor. Next week, Astrid will fly to Kathmandu and trek to the base camp. Heidrun, Eckhard's wife, is joining her. If everything works well, they will be able to celebrate the hopefully successful climb with a nice fondue.

As usual, Meteonews delivered a weather forecast to the base camp today. The weather is improving again, becoming drier. The winds should diminish. Everything is pointing to good climbing conditions - let's home that it will stay like that.

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