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News from Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Waiting, Coordinating, Preparations for the ascent within the next few days

Tom, Eike, and Frank met with the Indian-Nepalese military expedition in order to do tactical considerations and agreements. The days are running quickly now, time becomes an issue, and visa and permits are limited. The weather forecast promises good weather after the weekend, and the wind should calm down then.

The Indians are planning to reach the summit on May 20. , our teams is planning for 19 to 21 May. Before, some important details must be clarified: The last part from South Col to the summit is not yet equipped with fixed ropes. The teams agreed to support each other, which will help both of them.

A delegation of Sherpas of both expeditions will carry material up and fix ropes along the last part of the route, as far as possible. Then the two teams will go up and help doing the work there. This cooperation would clearly help also our team, since it would take a lot of power and time to fix the last part alone.

It is planned to ascend again on May 15/16 and then see how conditions are up there. The team is aware that this might be the last summit chance for Mount Everest!

The morale in base camp is somewhat restrained, but everybody is confident that things will work out well. Our guys are in best shape and in good condition due to all that going up and down!

Let's remember the last year 2002 - the first summit climb was not before May 16. In 2001, 176 out of the 184 summit climbs took place between May 22 and May 25. So we are confident that the good weather will come.

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