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News from Thursday, May 15, 2003

A new attempt will start on Friday

Tomorrow, Friday, May 16, Tom Zwahlen, Christian Rossel, Alex Eberhöfer, Eike Mrosek, and Roland Brand will start to camp 2. Eckhard Schmitt and Frank Everts will follow one day later.

Of course, our expedition will not be alone there - also on Friday, the French, Japanese, and the international team of Jagged Globe will begin the ascent; almost all other teams will follow on Saturday or Sunday.

Most expeditions are planning the summit day between May 19 and 21.

The weather forecast announced good summit weather the beginning of next week.

The team is in good condition and has a perfect motivation to reach the summit.

Now there's only one thing to do - take holidays from Sunday to Wednesday, watch radio/TV/internet, subscribe to all newspapers, join us hoping for the summit success, and finally have the champagne ready. Best of luck to our friends high up on the mountain!

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