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News from Saturday, May 17, 2003

Complete team now in camp 2

Alex, Frank, and Eckhard ascended today in beautiful moonlight. Camp 2 (Tom, Christian, Eike, Roland) is doing well, except that the cough drops are running out.

From talking so much and from the cold air, many of the guys have a sore throat and hoarse. But for the interviews after the summit, the voices should still be sufficient.

We all have a good feeling for the summit. Tomorrow the complete team will go to camp 3. The original plan to go in two groups was changed, because now the weather window must be used and there is not much time left. They will be a little crowded together in camp 4 where not as many tents as in camp 2 are available. But then it will be warmer in the tent, and they will have to carry less.

We hope the team has a good sleep once more, before tomorrow they will start to the real high altitude.

In any case, the weather will stay on our side:

Weather info as usual from out top weather service METEONEWS!!

Altitude winds drop

The westerly altitude winds will drop over the weekend. At the same time, Nepal will come under the influence of more humid air. However, this is not the beginning of Monsoon - Monsoon is not in sight yet. Increasingly, afternoon cumulus clouds must be expected, giving showers mainly south of Nuptse. The altitude winds decrease, and so on the summit ridge, in next week only winds of about 50 km/h are to be expected. The temperatures will be around -13°C in 7000 m, in the summit region -23°C to -26°C.

Under consideration of the local conditions, a summit climb should be possible.

(German original of weather forecast translated by the webmaster)

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