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News from Monday, May 19, 2003

A note from Base camp
What for do we need Bad Heilbrunner at Mount Everest?

Bad Heilbrunner provided us with tons of teas here in base camp, and it brings a real variety to our everyday life, compared to milk tea and black tea.

Some favourites like Sleep and Nerve tea, as well as Rooibus tea, are drawing to an end soon. The mountaineers amongst us have Mate tea and Good Morning tea for the hight camps. The tea consumption is enormous. Also our Sherpas love the diversity, and the members of foreign expeditions love to find a change to their usual tea habits. The special teas like Arabian Spice Tea or Wedding Tea were out of stock even after a couple of days.

Concerning our equipment of naturopathic medicine we were very happy to have a big choice of natural medicaments, since the number of banal illnesses is enormous. Almost everybody in the team has sore throat, sniffles, of bronchitis. The extreme altitude makes the mucous membrane dry, giving a good entrance for germs of any kind. We spent all our Sage Tablets, the Ribwort Cough Mixture, the Bronchial Tea. Nobody had ever expected that the illnesses would be such stubborn. Also the vitamine effervescent tablets have almost run out. After all, we are very happy to have such a big amount of natural medicine with us, so we could avoid taking antibiotics and chemical maces too early. Of course, in single cases a broad-spectrum antibiotics was in use, but that kept within limits. At this place, we would like to thank our main sponsor "Bad Heilbrunner Naturheilmittel" once again for the generous equipment with tea and medicine. As we see now, we could use everything very well. The choice was perfect.

From Dr. Peter Becker, Expedition Physician in the base camp

(translated by the webmaster)

Bad Heilbrunner Naturheilmittel

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