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News from Saturday, May 24, 2003

Arrived in camp 3

Alex has to watch the scene from base camp, unfortunately. His cold doesn't allow to ascend once more. A pity! But as he said in the beginning of the expedition: "The summit is important, but the way to the summit is important, too. If we consider this, the disappointment will not be so big in case we wouldn't succeed."

The others arrived in camp 3. Have your fingers crossed for them soon standing where they had been dreaming of for so long.

Weather prospects for the summit:

Situation: Westerly altitude winds and small peripheral troughs

Tomorrow, Sunday, after quite bad weather today, there will be only single showers and a little more sunshine. In the beginning of next week a small wedge will push over the Himalayas, bringing drier air to the region. The altitude winds won't completely stop, wind speeds will remain about 50 to 70 km/h in the summit region. As there will be mostly sunny and dry weather, the coming days will be well suited for the summit.

Values for late morning:

25 May:
7000m 8000m 9000m
Wind direction:WNWWW
26 May:
Wind direction:WWSWWSW
27 May:
Wind direction:WSWWSWW

(German original of weather forecast translated by the webmaster)

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