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News from Tuesday, May 27, 2003

More detailed information about the summit day
Team back in camp 2

Our team did the summit bid in two groups yesterday: Frank, Roland, and Nawang started at 9 pm (Sunday evening Nepalese time). On the south summit, Roland got snow blind and had to descend. Frank and Nawang accompanied him back to camp 4. Many thanks for this surely hard but good team decision. The second group, Tom, Christian, Eike, and Pemba Sherpa started at midnight and reached the summit at 10:30. Congratulations!

Both groups reached camp 4 again at 5 pm. Today (Tuesday) morning they continued the descent and reached camp 2 at 5:30 pm. They are expected in the base camp tomorrow.

We feel a great relief that we had a good radio contact this morning and that the speculations have an end. Everybody is doing fine. Yesterday was a very hectic day for everybody. Alex stood at the glacier for eight hours, trying to get radio contact, while Oliver, Peter, and Eckhard tried to get reliable information from the other teams in the base camp. A great commitment by everybody, on the mountain or in the camp - this is real team work!

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