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News from Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Team expected back in base camp on Wednesday

Tomorrow our team will return to base camp. Fine food from Switzerland and Germany is waiting for our summit climbers, some good meat and cheese, maybe a Fondue and a nice wine... Hope the stomachs will stand that.

Before the food is ready, we have to work a lot: live connections to ZDF, TVn24 and TeleM1 are planned as well as telephone interviews for several newspapers.

On May 29 they will have to say good bye to the base camp, and an interesting but also tough time comes to an end. The yaks will be loaded and they will start towards Kathmandu. A lot of work to be done until everything is packed again for yaks and porters and later for the air cargo. ger sowie für die Flugfracht.

We don't know exactly when our team will be back home in Europe. As soon as we know we will tell it in the news.

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