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Profession: railroad engine driver - living in Hausen / AG, Switzerland.

Currently I am in my 35th year of age, and I am full of energy to tackle new challenges. Mountain sports is important for me since over 20 years. As a young person I started with Youth and Sports (J&S) courses. Here I learned my trade. At the age of 20, the various leader courses followed in order to prepare me to pass on my knowledge to the new J&S kids. You can see me regularly as leader of ski and snowboard tour camps or climbing camps. In my remaining freetime I am on the way on wood and meadow trails with my two dogs.

My great experiences in mountain sports are surely the climb of Mount McKinley and of Muztagh Ata 7546m. I undertook further tours in South America, amongst others the climbs of Alpamayo 6120m and Chopicalqui 6356m.

The climb of Everest would make a big dream come true for me. A long and exhausting way is to come for us. But the way is the destination. A successful climb would be the icing on the cake.

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