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News from 20 December 2002

Dr. S. Vincent Grasso is currently engaged as Expedition Leader and Medical Director of the Everest Extreme Expedition 2003 during this year's spring climbing season at Mount Everest. The objective of this project is to provide an unprecedented level of technological and medical support to expeditions from around the world within the disciplines of Medical Informatics and Telecommunications.

For the first time at Mount Everest, a Command Station will be setup at Camp II in order to maximize as best as possible the chances of success for climbers both during their ascent and decent of the mountain. Collection and transfer of both objective and subjective data between Camp II and Base Camp will be provided in a wireless manner by way of the TIMA Mobile Platform, including but not limited to biometric data, video and audio. Physicians from the various teams at Base Camp shall be able to interact with their climbers in a manner never before possible.

In addition, consultants within the countries of origin of the various expedition teams shall be able to provide additional support by way of the TIMA Mobile Platform.

Text by Dr. V. Grasso

'Dry exercise' in Bad Tölz
"Dry exercise" (from left to right): Dr. Peter Becker (physician in Bad Tölz and expedition member), Eckhard Schmitt, TV journalist Michael Pause (Bergauf-Bergab), and Prof. Dr. S. Vincent Grasso.

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