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News from Sunday, 04 May 2003


On May 4, the team returned from camp 2 to base camp. The weather forecast still previewed strong winds. Before they were up in camp 2, depositing material. But what a shock when they came back to camp 1: One of the tentes was completely destroyed. Someone had used the tent and after leaving had not closed the zippers. In this wind, the most stupid thing one could do! Using a tent of another expedition in an emergency is not a question, but also leavint them as one found them should be clear to everyone!! The loss of a tent can cause severe problems quite quickly. Fortunately this was in camp 1 during descent and not in a higher camp. But, the tent ist lost, besides the material damage quite a financial loss. Now the team, is back in base camp. They first have to pitch another tent in camp 1 (fortunately there are some spare ones!). Let's hope this was the last misfortune.

Besides this, The team is doing well and is in good shape. The mood is find and the tension grows when the major push for the summit can begin.

If everything works well, during the next days there will be an interview via satellite by Weltwoche with Tom Zwahlen. Another would then follow in the next issue of Weltwoche. Meteonews delivered a weather forecast to basecamp today, as usual. The weather is improving and gets drier. The wind should diminsh. Hope for the best.

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