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News from Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Summit plans changed

The summit attempt will be done in two groups. Tom, Christian, and Eike brought Alex back to camp 2 yesterday evening - his bad cold forced him to descend. From there he could go down to the base camp with "icefall doctors" already in the night. ins Base Camp absteigen. According to a phone call with him this morning, he already feels a bit better.

Roland, Frank, and Eckhard will climb to camp 4 today and will tomorrow attempt the summit. Tom, Christian, and Eike will ascend to camp 3 today and to camp 4 tomorrow. For them Thursday will be the summit day.

The weather should remain stable until Thursday, so both teams will hopefully reach the summit under good conditions.

We hope the very best for our summit teams and hope for a quick recovery for Alex.

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