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News from Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Back in base camp

The wind situation in the summit region did not allow to continue the ascent. Furthermore, today's weather forecast predicts even stronger winds for South Col and summit during the next days. Therefore the team has no other choice than returning to base camp.

Another period of waiting. The weather forecast gives rise to hope for a chance to start a summit attempt after some day. For next tuesday we can expect less winds above 8000 m. On the next few days, the team will study the weather forecasts evey day in order to start a summit attempt at the right moment.

Let's hope that the Meteonews forecast turns out to be right this time.

Weather situation (forecast from May 13, 2003):
Strong westerly to southesterly altitude winds

The strong high altitude airflow survives. On Thursday the winds will even increase, reaching up to 120 km/h around the summit. Therefore on the South Col strong wind must be expected. Damages of tents are probable. The strong winds are connected to a small altitude trough which will die in west Nepal. So there will be no strong snowfalls. The weather remains generally friendly with single showers in the afternoon in the Khumbu.
At the weekend the winds will gradually decrease. At the same time in Bhutan, Monsoon rainfalls will begin, connected to a cyclone over the Gulf of Bengal. For the time being, Nepal is not affected by this. On Tuesday the winds in the summit region should be around 30 km/h.
Probably this period could be chosen for a summit attempt.

Values for late morning:

14 May:
wind direction:WSWWW
15 May:
wind direction:SWSWSW
16 May:
wind direction:SWSWWSW

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