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News from Friday, May 16, 2003

Start at 6 am

The starting signal was given: Tom, Christian, Eike, and Roland left for camp 2 this morning at 6 am. There they will have a rest day, waiting for the rest of the team. Alex, Frank, and Eckhard will follow tomorrow. On Sunday they all will then go to camp 3.

Friday, May 16, 3.30 pm Nepalese time

The first part to camp 2 is done. Through the icefall, the team ascended in 5 hours to camp 2. All arrived in good shape. Currently there is a slight wind. Now they will rest and relax - tomorrow then will be a rest day for Tom, Christian, Eike , and Roland, while Alex, Eckhard, and Frank will join them in camp 2. So they can just play cards there in camp 2. Hope they didn't forget the cards. Who will win... maybe we will know in tomorrow's news. But hopefully we will have some more important news, for example about the weather.

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