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News from Sunday, May 18, 2003

7 pm Nepali time: All arrived in camp 3

The whole team arrived well in camp 3. Also the film and photo crew made it. The morale is good, all are looking forward to the trekking food which only needs some hot water to be added. We don't know today's menu, but they have about everything from Curry to Beef Stroganoff.

At the moment they discuss how to continue tomorrow. Possibly our team will stay another night in camp 3, since the good weather shifted one day further, and the South Col is not yet equipped with fixed ropes due to the strong wind.

Until now no other teams went beyond South Col. If everything works well, the French, Japanese, and the international team will work on attaching the ropes at the ridge tomorrow.

More information to come soon - we wish our friends a good appetite and a nice evening in camp 3 in a stupendous landscape.

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